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Things We Forget To Do Before We Leave The House


You wake up in the morning, wash up, brew a cup of coffee, then drive to work. You’re peacefully listening to your morning podcast until that one question pops us: “Did I leave the stove on?” If this was you in the past week, feel assured that you are not alone. Whether it was something minor or something that made you panic frantically, everyone has had that moment where they forgot to do something before they left their house.


You were in the kitchen reheating your french onion soup from last night, and as you drive off to work, you remembered that you forgot to turn off the stove. You can either come back to a smoke filled home, or you can make an immediate U turn and be late to work. In either cases, your heart was racing hoping that you didn’t burn down the house.


Turning off the lights




The most common thing we forget to do before we leave the house is turning off the lights. Whether it is the kitchen light or the light on your front porch, that one switch always finds a way to slip our minds. Why not use an IR blaster feature in a security camera that could turn lights off for us or even control the TV?


Locking all the doors and windows




Before we leave the house, we always remember to check if the front door is locked. However, it’s the backyard doors and the windows that we always forget to secure. Make sure that you have a home security system with a good motion detector to notify you of any unwanted visitors.


Turning off the AC/Heater




During the summer, you are probably blasting the air conditioner to keep the house at a habitable temperature. However, sometimes the AC feels so good that we forget we had it on even when we leave the house. It is not the end of the world to have your appliances on; however, your electric bill will not be happy.


Forgetting to feed our pets


Our pets are our family, and we want to make sure they are healthy and well. But, when we’re in a rush, we sometimes forget to refill their bowls. Although our pets will be okay if they miss a meal, it still pains us when they whimper because they were hungry. Maybe you could get an automatic pet feeder and use your RemoCam to turn it on when you are away from the house.


Leaving the Garage Door Open




When you are in a hurry and you’re leaving your house from the garage, you’ve probably thought you always closed the garage door as you were driving away. However, there are days when the garage door decides not to close all the way or you just forget to close it. It’s okay, we’ve all been there before. Just make sure you have a wireless security camera to keep your home protected



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