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FAQ RemoCam Cloud Subscription Plan


One of the perks of having a RemoCam is the Cloud Subscription plan. When you turn on your motion detector, your RemoCam captures footage of any activity that it senses. The Cloud stores those videos so that you can access them on our RemoCam app. RemoCam’s Cloud plan is also the most accessible and affordable plan on the market.

You may have some questions regarding the Cloud Subscription, so here are some common Q&As:


1. What are some Cloud plan options?

You can find details on the Cloud subscription plan page.


2. Can I browse my Cloud videos on the RemoCam website?

No, the videos stored on your Cloud can only be played on the RemoCam app on your smartphone.


3. How many videos is 3GB?

About 1,000 videos can be stored with 3GB storage size. However, any videos past 3 days will be automatically deleted even if you have less than 3GB of videos.


4. Can I record 24/7?

No. We do not offer continuous recordings; however, RemoCam will record 20-second motion videos each time it detects motion. So if there’s 1 minute of motion (60 seconds) then you will have 3 20-second videos in your Cloud.


5. Is a Cloud plan for all my cameras or is it per camera?

Each plan is per camera. You will need to purchase Cloud plan for each of your cameras.


6. What videos are stored in the Cloud?

Only motion sensor videos are stored in the Cloud.


7. Can I store on the Cloud and SD card?

No, you can store on either the Cloud or the SD card.


8. How do I pay for my Cloud plan?

You can subscribe and pay on our website. You will be able to start purchasing on Sept 15th, 2016. Payments can be made monthly or yearly, all payments are autopayments. This means that if you sign up for a monthly plan, you’ll automatically be charged each month.


9. What happens when my 30-day free trial ends?

All your videos will be automatically deleted. You will need to purchase a Cloud plan in order to save the videos.


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    What is the monthly rate for the Remo cloud plan in USD?

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