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Checklist for Securing an Outdoor Space

As a child growing up in New York City in the 80’s, I remember walking in on burglars. My mom quickly grabbed my brother and me, as we all ran out of the house. No matter where you live, home security is important. Protecting your home starts with securing the outdoor perimeters with a security video camera and/or video doorbell. This first step is essential in setting the tone for your home security readiness. It also does two other things. First, it lets family members know that home security is taken seriously and secondly it alerts the community and would be burglars that the property is secured. The mere presence of an outdoor camera suggests that additional home security is also in place and will likely deter someone from trying to break in or do any other damage to the property.

At Remo+, we believe that security should be reliable, affordable, and accessible. Take a look at the checklist below to help gauge your outdoor security readiness. I know that no one needs another to-do list, but as the warmer weather approaches, an outdoor security checklist could be fun and might jumpstart your spring cleaning and outdoor organizing that will also enhance outdoor security.

  1. Invest in a smart security camera. This is essential to knowing what is going on outside your home. There are many products to choose from, but Remo+ has the first over-the-door option that does not require any installation and is easy to setup right out of the box. The DoorCamTM 2 is big on functionality and convenience while also adding piece of mind to the home or property owner. Not only can you monitor outside, but you can also keep an eye on the family’s going and coming as well.

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  2. Once your outdoor security is in place, put up signs so that everyone will know they are on camera and that the property is being surveilled. This simple alert is so important in changing on-camera behavior for the better. If someone was thinking about breaking in or doing anything they shouldn’t do, they will definitely move on if they know they are being recorded.

  3. Another safeguard to your property is lighting. A well-lit property can deter burglars. The burglar won’t know if you are home or just have a well-lit property. In the unfortunate situation that a burglar decides to break into your home, good lighting will allow you to clearly see what and who is on your property as well as make any security footage from an outdoor camera easier to view. Additionally, whether you are already in your home or coming in late at night, a well-lit area can alert you to danger and give you enough time to make a decision such as call the police or someone in your home to open the door for you. Or you may decide to circle back to give the intruder a chance to leave.

  4. Get a Doorbell Camera. Just like a video camera, this ensures your front porch is protected. You can see when packages are delivered or not delivered. You can also talk to a DoorDash delivery person and say thank you for bringing a meal.

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  5. Get a smart garage door opener. This is a great way to quickly enter and exit from your vehicle quickly during inclement weather.

While no security system is 100% - there will always be someone willing to take a risk, these check list precautions can be put in place easily and affordably to give property owners a better chance of avoiding burglary and vandalism.

Here’s to staying safe!

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