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A portable, over-the-door security system. What a concept!

I've recently installed, (more like “placed”) the DoorCam 3 in my home, and it's a game-changer for my security needs. Here’s why:

Portability: The DoorCam 3 is incredibly portable. Its wireless design makes it perfect for on-the-go scenarios like staying in hotels or traveling in an RV, boat, or campervan. I imagine this would be an incredibly useful device for over-the-road truckers as well. I’m on the road, for both work and leisure, about 50% of the time. The ability to quickly and easily move the camera from one place to another without dealing with wires or permanent installations is huge. So far, I only have one, but I plan to purchase a second one to leave at home permanently so I can monitor two places at once.

Ease of Installation & Monitoring: Installation was a snap! The camera fits comfortably over any door, and the companion app lets me monitor the feed from wherever I am with my phone. The peace of mind knowing I can watch over my space anytime, anywhere, is invaluable.

Notifications: This feature is the bomb. I receive instant notifications on my phone for any events picked up by the camera’s sensors, the sensitivity of which is completely adjustable in the settings.

Video Quality: The video quality is impressive; it has HD resolution with a panoramic view that captures absolutely everything.

Power Options: I love the versatility here. You can use disposable alkaline batteries, EBL rechargeable batteries, or plug the device into a 12-volt or AC power source with a micro-USB. This flexibility is fantastic, especially when I'm on the road.

Cloud Storage: The free 3-day-rolling cloud plan was an unexpected bonus. You have cloud storage right out of the box without any extra cost, so if you don’t need extended storage, you’re not obligated to pay for it. I have since signed up for a 90-day rolling cloud plan, for the inconsequential cost of $45 per year, as I like having an extended video history.

Wi-Fi Compatibility: It's impressive how this camera can work with any Wi-Fi network, including hotspots. This feature further emphasizes its portability.

Recommended Accessories:

I’ve tested a couple of inexpensive small routers including the Vonets VAR11N-300 Travel Router
(ASIN - B01199OGK0 ‎): This tiny device is worth its weight in gold. Set up the DoorCam 3 once, and then effortlessly move and connect wherever you are. It creates an instant subnet, making this portable security system a plug-and-play experience. If you need a greater range use something like the TP-Link N300 (ASIN - B001FWYGJS ), also very inexpensive. These are not necessary, just nice to have for ease of use if you want to move the device from network to network.

EBL 10,000 mAH rechargeable batteries and charger (ASIN - B01M4LLBC5 ): These are great if you don’t have a power source (wall outlet) conveniently located. You can pick up two sets of D-sized batteries and one charger and just swap them between the device and charger as needed.

Long Micro USB Cable: When I’m traveling in my campervan, this is all I use because I have multiple USB outlets in my van. And when in my home, I can conveniently plug into a wall outlet when using the camera on the back door, (I enjoy spying on the wildlife). On the front door, I use the EBLs.

USB Chimes by remo+ (ASIN - B07D1WDTWP ): A recommendation for home users - These chimes are fantastic. Plug them into any power source, pair them with the unit, and they alert you of any activity the camera picks up. I've set up a couple around my home, ensuring I never miss any action, (such as raccoons trying to enter through my cat door!).

This device has transformed how I view security, it’s like having eyes on the back of your head. It's versatile, user-friendly, and packed with features. Whether you're on the road or at home, I'd highly recommend giving this device a shot.

One last thing I’d like to mention, it’s regarding their customer support. Looking at some of the reviews, it seems like users are simply failing to connect with support. My advice to you would be to stop looking for a direct line to call. There’s a reason why companies don’t put their phone numbers on their websites anymore. Just go to their site, scroll to the bottom and click “HELP” and fill out the form. It will take all of 20 seconds. Their team is incredibly responsive. Any query I had was promptly addressed. You can easily speak to a support technician on the phone if you need to, you just have to provide your number and schedule a call. Keep in mind, they’re a smaller company so their business hours are 9-5, EST, Monday – Friday, they’re not available 24/7.

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