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Home Automation, Connect to your TV!

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Home Automation

When RemoCam launched, the feature that separated us from our competitors was our infrared (IR) home automation technology. Compared to other wireless security cameras, RemoCam had the feature to send signals to TVs, lamps, air conditioners, and any other remote controlled devices. In fact, we were awarded the New Product Showcase Award at the ISC West 2016 for our home automation feature. Let say you left the house with the air conditioner and the TV still on, you can use your RemoCam to turn those devices off.

What do you mean Infrared?

Most remote controls use infrared light to send signals to their devices. Our RemoCam memorizes the IR command from those remote control devices, and then sends signals to the appliance the remote was connected to.



When you connect your RemoCam to your TV, your camera can send signals to turn the TV on or off. You can also change the channels on your TV and even adjust the volume. Maybe you lost your TV remote control, why not use your RemoCam to turn it on.


We also tried connecting RemoCam to our remote controlled light bulbs. We can turn the lights on, but also flash it with a variety of different colors. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your lights after you leave the house, just let your RemoCam do it. If you would like to check out some remote controlled light bulbs, click on this link here.



What if you forget to feed your dog before you leave the house. We got a remote controlled dog feeder and connected it to our RemoCam. We didn’t have dog food, so we filled it with Skittles. If you would like to get a remote dog feeder of your own, click here.


Let us Know

If you would like to try out the product and check out the home automation feature for yourself, visit our shop page for our Home Security camera. Also, follow us know on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and let us know what you think about your RemoCam.  


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