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What is Internet of Things?

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What if I told you that some of our objects are speaking to each other at this very moment. Do not freak out, Skynet won’t be chasing you anytime soon, but this phenomenon of machine-to-machine communication is called the Internet of Things.


What is IoT?

When we say “this is the future”, Internet of Things (IoT) will always be in the conversation. You might’ve heard of IoT, or maybe you haven’t. Let me briefly break down what this growing tech trend is.



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In short, we have a growing surplus of objects that can connect to the internet, whether that might be smartphones, TVs, cars, or even light bulbs. These smart objects collect our data and send it to a cloud. A smart car will record what route you visit the most or a smart coffee machine will know what time it should start brewing your favorite coffee. Then the smart objects will exchange data with one another, creating a machine-to-machine communication system.


For example, what if your alarm clock could tell your stereo when to play your favorite morning motivation song or podcast. Or, let’s say you turned on your camera home security system, but forgot to turn off the TV, then you could control your camera to shut off the TV for you.


We are only scratching the surface of what IoT can do. Imagine if your whole house was connected for your comfort or if there were smart cities collecting data to enhance our transportation system. The possibilities for IoT innovations would be endless.


How is RemoCam a part of IoT?


RemoCam has the features to connect to other objects through an infrared remote control system. The camera can memorize a remote command within a device and use their functions. For example, RemoCam can turn off or turn on heaters, fans, control the TV, or any remote controlled devices that use IR. Learn more about RemoCam’s Home Automation Features.



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