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While designing RemoCam, we recognized that the ability to turn our cameras was essential for home monitoring. With the growing surplus of Smart Home Security Cameras in the Smart Home market, we interestingly found that most cameras had a fixed view. Therefore, we made sure our RemoCam had the functionality to pan 335º and Tilt 95º.

We believe that users need to be able to look at all of their blind spots in order to monitor their homes effectively.  Let us look into some of the benefits of our pan & tilt feature.

Pan & Tilt

When you monitor through your RemoCam, there are arrows on your screen that allows you to turn your camera to the direction you want it to face. You can have your home video security camera monitor your front door or you could turn it to face the backyard. You could even have your camera  face the ceiling. The freedom to turn your camera is at the touch of your fingertips.

The pan & tilt feature in our RemoCam also works with our home automation feature. When you connect your RemoCam to a remote controlled device, your camera will automatically face that appliance when you go to the remote function in your app. You can also choose to manually  turn your camera to your IR connected devices. Check out our blog about home automation in our home video security camera.

The ability to look at nearly all of  your blind spots  is the true benefit of the pan and tilt function. Why not place your RemoCam  in the middle of the house, to look at all of the corners of the room. Or how about mounting your RemoCam on the ceiling, to get an aerial sight, Wherever you place your camera,  you will be able to monitor your whole house in a broader view.

Let us Know

There are so many videos we capture on our RemoCam. Send us some footage you caught with your pan and tilt feature to If you want to learn more about our home security camera, check out our product page.  Also, follow us on FacebookTwittterLinkedin, and Instagram, and give us a little shout out

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