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Motion Sensor and Push Notification

IoT | Smart Home

When we designed our home video security camera, we recognized that one of the most important tools to ensure home security was installing a mechanism that will notify users of any break-in or suspicious activity. Therefore, RemoCam integrated a motion sensor and push notification system to alert users of any unwanted activities in their homes. RemoCam has also added additional features to the motion detector so that users will have more control over their sensor. 



Push Notification

When you turn on your RemoCam’s motion sensor, a push notification will also turn on. You will receive notifications from your phone only when your home video security camera detects movement.

push notification, remocam, motion detector

Adjust sensitivity

RemoCam checks for any movement that is visible to the human eye with the range of up to 100ft. The sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted from high to low, according to your preference. Maybe you have a dog in your home who may buzz your push notification a little too often.

motion detector, remocam, sensitivity

Area Detection

RemoCam’s motion detector can also select certain areas you want it to detect in its field of view. Let say you want the RemoCam to only monitor the front door or the porch in your backyard; the option to choose the area you want your motion detector to be active is another feature of RemoCam. 

large areas, motion detector, remocam small area, motion detector, remocam

Local and Cloud Storage

You can also turn on your “save to cloud” feature to record up to 20 seconds of any motion detected. If you do not want to sign up for the cloud plan, you also have the alternative storage option to store your video recordings to a 32gb micro SD card.

cloud, remocam, motion detector

The various features in the RemoCam’s motion detector will give users control over how they want to optimize their sensor.


Let us Know

If you would like to try out the motion detector feature for yourself, visit our shop page here . Also, follow us know on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and let us know what you think about your RemoCam.  

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