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Prime Day Alternatives for Smart Home Tech


Prime Day is here!  

Don’t have Amazon Prime? No worries!

There are plenty of other retailers who are competing against Prime Day with their own deals this year.

That includes huge retailers like Walmart, Target, and Newegg.

In fact, this year Newegg is featuring our video doorbell cameras in their own version of Prime Day!

They call this big event, “FantasTech” and it is their answer to Amazon’s Prime Day. It will, of course, feature amazing deals that will also run simultaneously to the Prime Day event. 

What sets Newegg’s FantasTech apart from others, however, is that it’s purely focused only on tech products. This means that it’s an especially great time to save on tech items, including our smart video doorbell cameras: the RemoBell S and the RemoBell W.

Coincidentally, a few months ago our video doorbell cameras caught the attention of the editors’ over at Newegg and they decided to test it out for themselves.

Here’s a snippet of what they had to say:

“When it comes down to it, for those looking to find a budget smart video doorbell, the $99 RemoBell S and the $199 RemoBell W are both solid choices with some robust features that put them as strong contenders for those looking to beef up their home security. For someone wanting to get a reliable smart doorbell with all the functionality but without spending over $100, the RemoBell S is a sure “buy” on my list.”

The RemoBell S and RemoBell W will be on sale on Newegg for a very limited time, so if you’ve been hesitating on securing one of the latest video doorbells for you or your loved ones, this is your chance! 

The RemoBell S will come with a free chime included ($29 value) from July 14-20, while the RemoBell W will be on sale from July 15-18 for $149 (a $50 in savings)!

Shop RemoBell S:

Shop RemoBell W:

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