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6 Home Security Threats You Can Thwart with a Smart Security Camera or Video Doorbell

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Anyone who cares about home security will want the best home security solution there is. It’s hard, however, to know if you’re doing enough to secure your home, even when you’re working with the best security companies. To help turn your home into a more secure haven, you might want to consider installing a smart security camera or video doorbell that can send instant alerts to your phone as soon as activity is detected.

These gadgets are ideal solutions if you’re always traveling or away from home; you might just get lucky and find some footage to help you catch a bad guy.

Here are six home security threats that could be thwarted using a smart security camera or video doorbells:

1. Burglars

video doorbell burglar

Are you still beating yourself up over not installing a security system that gives you live feed from your entryway, one with a motion detection system to notify you if burglars attempt to gain entry into your home late at night? Most burglars will gain entry into homes through the most obvious entrances: doors or windows. A security camera set at your home’s different doors or windows will detect motion night or day and send you alerts, allowing you to contact the authorities quickly. Video doorbells are usually placed right next to your front door, giving them an ideal viewing angle. Think of a door camera as your home’s silent alarm system!

2. Vandalism or "Pranks" that End Up Costing You

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They might do it for fun, but any form of vandalism is illegal. While most troublemakers are unwilling to confess to the vandalism, your video doorbell camera will help you identify the thugs easily.

3. Mail Theft

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If your mailbox is unsecured, there is a high risk of mail theft. With thieves known to steal checks, personal information, and even credit card offers, a camera on your door could provide the extra layer of protection that you’re looking for. It’s also important to invest in a secured mailbox, such as one with a lock.

4. Catching a Stalker

video doorbell camera catch someone

If you’re worried you might have a stalker but lack evidence of them lurking around your home in your absence, a video doorbell camera could give you and the police evidence needed for the issuance of a restraining order or even a conviction.

5Unsafe/Unknown packages at your door

video doorbell camera pack theft

Are you wondering who dropped that package at your door or slipped the brown envelope under the door? With a video doorbell or door camera, you don’t have to worry anymore as you’ll get a clear view of what happened.

6. Next-door Illegal Activities

video doorbell camera catch crime feel safe

If you’ve been wondering why your neighbor welcomes strange visitors or you suspect that they are involved in illegal activities, a discreet doorbell camera could help you shed light into their activities, especially when you’re not at home.

Thanks to the design and availability of top-quality video doorbells and door security cameras, you will be able to witness everything that happens at your front door. For more information about easy-to-install door cameras like DoorCam or affordable video doorbell options like RemoBell S, check out more of our blog posts.

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