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Back-to-School: 3 Ways a Video Doorbell Camera Can Help Keep Your Kids Safe

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Buying a smart video doorbell is probably not very high on your back-to-school shopping list, but it can be an invaluable tool to help keep your kids safe when they get home from school, especially if your child is home alone for a period of time after school. The following are 3 ways a video doorbell can help safeguard your child when they are home alone.



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A video doorbell camera will let you know when your children get home from school. Sure, if your children have cell phones they might be able to send you a text letting you know they got home, but with a video doorbell you can actually see the moment they get home in real-time and be 100% certain they actually got home when they say they did. Added bonus: It also lets you see if they brought friends over.



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One of the first lessons in safety you should teach your child is not to open the door to strangers, however it can be hard for children to check who’s outside their door before opening it. They might have to peer through a window or crack the door open a bit which is a dead giveaway to anyone outside. A smart video doorbell lets your child safely see who’s at the door without ever having to open the door or give themselves away.

Better yet, you will also be able to see who is knocking at your door when your child is home alone and decide whether it’s safe for them to open the door or not. You can even answer the door remotely yourself through the 2-way talk feature found in most video doorbells if you want to.

In a way, it lets you be present for your child even if you’re away from home.



child says hello video doorbell camera

Lastly, for children who do not have a cell phone or are too young to use a phone, a video doorbell can act as a means for your children to communicate with you in real-time with just a touch of a button. You can even have a conversation with them or tell them what’s for dinner through the 2-way talk feature.

All in all, back-to-school shopping can be expensive and purchasing a video doorbell can be a big investment, that’s why we at Remo+ made an affordable video doorbell that helps meet all of your needs for only $99. Our RemoBell S smart video doorbell camera has 2-way talk functions, HD video, motion sensors, and more to help keep your children safe, even when you’re not there.

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