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Why October Might Be the Best Month to Buy a Video Doorbell Camera

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Around this time of year, some people hold back on making big tech purchases because they want to wait for sales that start during the month of November. Although this might be a good idea, when it comes to purchases like video doorbell cameras it’s equally important to consider that a purchase like this would actually be more beneficial before the holiday shopping season begins. Especially before Halloween. 


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Many customers tend to purchase a video doorbell around the holidays because of the increase in package deliveries (and theft) that occurs during these times. Some people might wait until Black Friday to try to get the best deal possible, however you have to remember that you’d ideally like to have your video doorbell camera already installed before Black Friday so that you can keep watch over the arrival of all your Black Friday purchases to your front door. A video doorbell camera is perfect for alerting you exactly when packages are delivered and keeping an eye on them so they don’t disappear.


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In this case, you might think that it might be enough to purchase a video doorbell a few weeks before Black Friday in November, however you are also forgetting that the end of October brings the most mischievous holiday of the year: Halloween. Your front door will probably get the most traffic during Halloween night than it does all year so it is best to be prepared.


 Halloween can bring on a wave of mischief to your front door that you might want to watch out for. Pranks such as house egging, pumpkin smashing, or “toilet papering” houses run rampant on Halloween and a video doorbell helps you keep watch over your front door so that you don’t wake up to your front yard covered in toilet paper or other unpleasant surprises.


On the flip side, for those mischievous homeowners who want to surprise trick-or-treaters with a well-humored prank and catch it on video, a video doorbell camera is perfect for capturing those reactions.


The 2-way talk feature on a video doorbell also makes it perfect for answering the door remotely (or from your couch) during Halloween night. You can ask trick or treaters fun riddles before opening the door or let them know you’re out of candy if you run out.


So if you’re thinking of purchasing a video doorbell camera during the holiday shopping season, it might be a better idea to purchase it beforehand during the month of October. For an affordable doorbell that won’t break the bank, consider taking a look at our RemoBell S video doorbell that already offers an incredible value for only $99.

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