New branding reinforces company’s focus on remote home security


LIVERMORE, CA, March 30, 2018Olive & Dovea leading smart home security company that developed  RemoCam®,  RemoBell®, and DoorCamtoday announced the company’s rebrand to Remo+. “Remo+” draws from concept that the company’s cameras allow people to be home “remotely.” The name change emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing intuitive and reliable security for those in and out of their homes.

Since being founded in 2014, Olive & Dove rethinks security cameras, making them affordable and easily installable for households of different capacities. Olive & Dove’s smart solutions earned the team a presence in the ever-growing smart home industry. With the recent release of its over-the-door camera, DoorCam™, the company has expanded the accessibility of its security solutions to tenants and renters.

“Corporately, the company will continue to be Olive & Dove,” says Charles Koo, CEO of Olive & Dove.  “The company rebrand to Remo+ reflects our continued mission to provide simple home security for anyone from remote locations. As long as you have a smart device, our cameras can protect your homes, your loved ones, and your peace of mind.”

The Remo+ brand brings a new, unifying product identity as the company continues to expand its consumer audience.

Remo+ is a smart home security company innovating security cameras’ accessibility and affordability. The software team is credited with creating DoorCam™, the world’s first over-the-door, smart security camera, and many other security cameras that allow you to be at home remotely. Remo+ is headquartered in Livermore, CA with offices in South Korea.

For more information, visit www.remoplus.co or email us at info@remoplus.co.

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  • SHEILA M Stevens on

    Over the door cam is a great product, just need it to fit the doors that open out as well.

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