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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your DoorCam


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If you’ve registered your DoorCam and hung it over your door feeling at peace, welcome to the family! You’ve taken the first step of putting security into your own hands. By now, you must be very familiar with DoorCam and probably recorded some fun moments with your kids or scared your delivery man. But with all devices, there are always tricks and tips that can enhance your experience with the product. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your DoorCam.


1. Further Improve Your DoorCam’s Motion Detection Accuracy

DoorCam uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor which is a technology that seeks the difference in heat levels caused by movement to detect activity. Because of this, DoorCam is able to distinguish between people and ruffling leaves. However, a big heat generating object, like a car, might set off your sensor if you live close to traffic which can get annoying and even drain your battery quicker.

If you want to limit your DoorCam’s motion detecting parameter to just your front entryway, here’s a trick that only requires a scissor, tape, and business card:

1. Cut off 1.5” x 1.5” piece of the business card.

2. Tape the piece you cut off right above the PIR Sensor. (This is the black ball to the left of the camera lens)

DoorCam with a Business Card

3. Go to your app, and increase your motion sensitivity to High and your push notification to Frequent: Open remo+ app > Press the Menu icon on the top left corner (3 white lines) > Go to “Devices” > Select “My House” > Change Motion Sensitivity to “High” and Motion Push Notification to “Frequent”

iPhone X


2. Take Your DoorCam Anywhere

Did you know that you can bring your DoorCam to your office, boat, or a hotel? Imagine hanging your DoorCam in your hotel room to see who’s wandering by or to keep an eye on your belongings when you’re away. DoorCam only requires 3 D batteries and internet connection to operate. If you have a portable hotspot, you can use it to connect to your DoorCam. As long as the hotspot is on, you will have a portable smart security camera wherever you go. Just remember to reset DoorCam each time you want to connect to a new network.


3. Maintain Your DoorCam With Rechargeable Batteries

DoorCam includes 3 D batteries that last up to 12 months, depending on usage. But for $37.99, you can get 4 rechargeable D batteries AND a battery charger so you can reuse the batteries instead of having to buy new ones each time. Compared to the Alkaline batteries included with DoorCam, rechargeable batteries will last only half as long, but if you have frequent visitors, you can save money using rechargeable batteries instead of spending $11.83 for disposable batteries over time.

You can also add 2 extra rechargeable D batteries for $12.99 more, giving you 2 sets of batteries you can switch off between charges.


4. Optimize Your DoorCam’s Network Connection

Every Wi-Fi enabled device requires a strong signal strength with its router in order to function properly. If you have a security camera and it’s receiving a weak signal, you might get pixelated videos, poor audio, or a blank activity feed. Let’s say you have a fast internet upload speed, but your DoorCam is unresponsive. Where do you start looking to find the root cause of the issue? The first thing you should check is how strong the signal between your router and your camera is.

In the remo+ app, you’re able to see the network signal strength of your DoorCam. The levels are categorized from Excellent, Good, Weak, to Bad. Knowing the signal strength between your DoorCam and your router will help you determine whether you are having connection related issue or a device issue.

If you are getting a weak to bad network signal strength, the most effective solution is a Wi-Fi Extender. Even with a fast internet speed, the signal from your router to your DoorCam can be weak. A Wi-Fi extender will increase the range of your router’s signal, improving your DoorCam’s performance. To learn more about how you can improve the connection of your DoorCam, check out our FAQ page.


5. Get Alerts Even When You’re Away From Your Smart Device

DoorCam alerts its users when there’s an activity at their door via push notifications to a smart device. But if you were in the shower or simply didn’t have your smart device handy, how would you know the moment someone came by your home?

remo+ Chime is a speaker that connects to your DoorCam and will ring upon every event. There are 10 ringtones to choose from and the volume can be adjusted to as loud as 90 dB. Using the Chime inside the house as an alert system can protect your home when you’re asleep or away from your smart devices. The Chime will be available soon for $29 on remoplus.co. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page or email us at marketing@olivendove.com to get on the pre-order list.

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