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5 Ways To Protect Your Home


Did you know that a burglary is estimated to occur once every 18.2 seconds? Every household wants to ensure that their homes are safe and secure, but when hear that you have a 5 in 1000 chance of being robbed, you could feel a little uneasy. Well, feel assured that there are ways to protect your homes from home invasion.


Installing Motion Sensing Outdoor Lights

One way to protect your home is by keeping some of the exterior lights on when you are away from the house or asleep at night. If a Burglar is targeting a home in the dark, they would like to choose the one that doesn’t luminate the house they are trying to break into. Also, if you install exterior lights, neighbors will be able to see the home invader and call for help.


Securing the front door

The most common entry point for a burglar is the front door. However, there are additional measures you can take to fortify this entry way. You can install deadbolts or add additional locks to prevent burglars from getting in through force. You can also install a wireless video doorbell to notify your smartphone when a burglar is at your front door or capture a footage of what the burglar looks like.


Befriend a Neighbor

Besides locking the doors and closing the windows, there are additional things you can do to secure your home better. You can have a neighbor look out for your house. In fact, 45% percent of Burglars who took a research survey stated that one of the most effective deterrents of home invasion is seeing neighbors. One thing home invaders try to avoid is too much attention, so if you have vigilante neighbor look out for your home, it can deter away a lot of burglars. 


Get a Dog

There is a reason why these companions are man’s best friend. They play with us, they are loyal to us, and they protect us. Dogs can be effective in protecting our homes as 50% of burglars have stated that they deter away from a house with a dog present.


Have surveillance in your home

Most home invasions occur during the daytime when we are at work or at school. Therefore, it is important that you have some sort of surveillance system to protect your home. You can install a home security system or outdoor motion sensors. If you do not have the budget for that, you can also purchase a smart home security camera with motion sensors that will notify you through your smartphone.


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