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Why Security Cameras Are The Most Popular Smart Home Device

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Smart Home devices are quickly captivating the market in the tech industry. With the release of Amazon Echo and the announcement of Google Home, we can see that the integration of Smart Home products is going to be the next “Big Thing”.

Just as how mobile apps revolutionized the way we travel, connect, and go about our life, Smart Home devices will change how we live in our homes. In fact, experts believe that by the end of 2022, an individual home will have roughly 500 smart devices. On top of that, 61% of the Smart Home Revenue came from Security Cameras in 2015. So the question becomes: why is security camera the most popular Smart Home device?




It’s Cheaper

First off, people are looking towards Smart Home Security Cameras  because they’re a whole lot cheaper. There are a variety of security system companies out there, such as ADT and Simplisafe; however, you would be spending $30-$50 a month including the $350 Installation fees. Why not just purchase a $199 Smart Home Security Camera without all the installation costs?


Protect your family

You’re in your bedroom about to go to sleep. Your phone starts to receive push notification because it detected motion near your front door. You go to your app, turn on your siren and call the police. You’ve just protected your loved one with a touch of a button.

The neat thing about a Smart Home Security Camera is that it allows you to protect your home through your phone. Whether you’re out of the house, at work, or on vacation, all of your monitoring can be done through your mobile device.


Monitor your family members

Smart Home security cameras do not only serve as a deterrent to burglars, but they can also serve as a monitoring camera for your loved ones. Let us say you want to check up on your kids while you are at work, or maybe you want to set it up as a nanny cam for your newborn child. The monitoring system lets you use the camera for multi-purposes.


Connect with other devices

The beauty of Smart Home security cameras doesn’t only come from being able to monitor your home, but that you can also connect with other devices. Imagine this– what if you forgot to turn off the AC or lights when you left the house? You could use your Smart Home security camera’s home automation capability to turn those devices off and save money on your electricity bill. There’s a reason why your camera is called “smart”.


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