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5 Thing You MUST Know To Stop A Home Intrusion!


One of the most terrifying experience a family member can encounter is being in the house during a break-in. No family should ever feel in danger while they’re in their own home; however, we also can’t think that an occurrence like this will never happen to us.

It is also not uncommon to have a family member in the home during a break-in as there have been a million burglaries with a household member inside and another 266,560 burglaries where a household member was a victim. So, make sure that you follow these tips in case you and your family experience a home intrusion.



Your car key can be one of your best manual home alarm systems in your house. If you ever hear a burglar or home invader come inside your home, press your car alarm and the whole neighborhood will hear. Not only will it alert others, but the home intruders will run away from the scene.

Remember to bring your car keys to your room so that you have it handy with you.



The first thing we all probably would do when we suspect a home intruder is to call the police. This should be everyone’s first instinctive decision. It is also important to remember that you want to tell the operator your situation in a quick manner.

Tell them what’s happening; where you are; and where you’re hiding. You want to be fast and as efficient as possible when you dial 9-1-1. After you call the police, make sure that you find a safe place to hide until the police arrive. Do not try to confront the intruders head on as they may become very aggressive.



Home security cameras have become the booming product in the smart home industry, and for good reasons too. These wireless security cameras can detect motion, capture footage of the intruder, call the police, and even turn on a siren.

In fact, if we look at burglaries, only 13% of cases are cleared because of lack of evidence. With this camera, it deters home intruders away from your house because of the risk that comes with a security camera.



Whether it may be a baseball bat, a pepper spray, or a frying pan, try to keep a self-defense weapon nearby you. Although you should avoid any type of violence at all cost, it is smart to keep yourself protected.

If you do not have experience with a weapon, do not confront your intruder; rather, find a safe room and hide there with your weapon until the police arrive.



According to each state, there are different gun laws for how you could use your weapon. Make sure that you look into your State’s “Stand Your Ground” law and whether the “Castle Doctrine” applies in your State.

See whether you are able to use your gun when you are in danger, or in some states, whether you have to retreat first in order to pull out your weapon. Keep your gun stored and locked, and make sure that you identify the intruder before using your weapon. You do not want to mistakenly harm anyone else, like an officer or family member. 


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