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5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Package Theft

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If you are like me, there are three reasons why you are on the internet: Social Media, the News, and Online Shopping. 80% of the US population have done some sort of online shopping and experts stated that worldwide sales passed $1.5 trillion last year. There are good reasons why we shop online — it’s easy to use, they deliver right to your door, more deals, and… more DEALS!

Online shopping is convenient and great, but as we have more online shoppers, we also have more Porch Pirates. 11 million Americans have had their package stolen in the last year, and with the holidays coming up you can believe that Porch Pirates are on the prowl. However, there are security measures you can take to make sure that you are protected from package theft.



Package theft is easy to commit - they are in the open, in front of your door, with no security around them. Anyone can walk up to it and snatch it, so long as there are no witnesses.

Porch pirates plan the time, the place, and how they are going to snatch your package from your front door. However, you can take countermeasures, like giving your delivery man instructions. Ask them to hide your package in a designated bin or behind your outdoor fern. They are there to help you. 


You can also call a neighbor or let your family know that you’re expecting a delivery. If no one is at the house, you can choose the option to have the delivery man deliver your package to your neighbor. They will add a reminder slip on your door, and you can pick it up when you've come back home.

The best way to protect your property is to always have someone look out for you. 


Doorman is a smartphone service app that lets users determine when they want their package delivered to them, even if it is past 4pm.

Most times, you do not know when you will receive your package; with this app, you just send your online purchase to them, they will notify when they receive the package, and then you choose when you want them to deliver it to you.


Another alternative is to install a security system with outdoor cameras and motion detectors. If a security system is too expensive, you can also install an over-the-door smart security camera. When your camera detects motion, it is going to record everything within its sight.

Security cameras are big obstacles porch pirates try to avoid due to all the trouble it can cause. Stay protected, watch the incident unfold, and capture the perpetrator who took your package. 


You can also ask delivery service provider to hold onto your package at your nearest local  store or at Staples. They will hold onto your package for 5 business days or 7 calendar days for no added cost. Just remember to bring a valid ID when you go to pick up your package.  

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