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2017 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


The holiday season is creeping right around the corner, and it’s never too early to start looking for the best gift ideas. We compiled a list of must-have gadgets we found on numerous wish lists that are new, unique, and will wow your giftee. Scroll down and don't' forget to thank us later.

Gift for Adventurers

Away Luggage

Away Luggage - $225

If you’re a traveler, then your luggage is your home. Wherever you go that companion is sticking right next to you. So, it only makes sense to buy a high-quality luggage that has a USB battery charger, interior compartment, and unbreakable shell for more than half the price of other premium luggage brand.

over the door smart security camera 

DoorCam - $199

DoorCam can serve a variety purposes for travelers. You can install it to monitor your entryway while you are gone, or you can hang it in your hotel room using your cellular hotspot. Either way, it’s battery powered feature makes it the perfect portable security companion.


Home Security Power Station

PowerStation XL - $69.95

For those who are experienced traveler, bringing extra battery chargers makes the biggest difference in your trip. However, a battery charger can die after 1-2 charge. The PowerStation XL has 10,000 mAH to give you even longer lasting power throughout your trip.


Tile Mate - $24.99

When you’re always on the road, forgetting your wallet or your phone can become a daily routine. Therefore, Tile Mate came up with a small white cube that will alert you whenever you are looking for your misplaced items. Just place one on your keychain and the other on your disappearing item, and let Tile Mate do all the work.


Gift for Home Bodies

Hello Sleep

Hello - $99

Getting the perfect sleep is hard to come by. Well, Hello is a smart sleep monitor that understands your sleeping pattern and lets you know the cause of your lost sleep.

Wireless Video DoorBell

RemoBell - $199

The RemoBell is a battery-powered video doorbell that every homebody needs. Not only can you answer the door from your bed, but its portability allows you to place it anywhere around your front door. Greet your guest, scare off intruders, and get the best view and picture of your entryway.


Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Tap - $123.49

“Alexa turn on the lights. Alexa what’s on the news. Alexa sing Happy Birthday”. The new AI best friend has become this smart audio speaker that is a hub of smart home products. With the new Amazon Alexa Tap, you are getting a portable speaker with all the features of Alexa with 8-10 hours of straight listening.


Automated Lights

Phillip Hues - $198.99

Dim your lights, change the color or turn it off when you’re away from your home. Phillip Hues light is the perfect gift to start off your smart home renovation.


Gift for Foodies

Sous Vide

Anova Sous Vide - $149

There is no better way to cook your chicken, steak, lamb, or any meat than on a Sous Vide. The Sous Vide is a smart cooker that let you control the exact temperature of your meat to give it a full well-evened result. Surprise your loved ones with a restaurant quality meal right at your home.


Crock Pot 

Crock Pot with WeMo - $129.99

The crock pot has become a staple kitchen tool in an American home. Slow cooking has allowed us to create thousands of new and convenient recipes. However, what if you could make it even more convenient by controlling the time, the heat, and the duration of your cooking from your mobile phone.

Pancake Bot

Pancake Bot 2.0 - $299

Start off your mornings with an astronaut pancake, a princess pancake, or even a yoda pancake. With Pancake Bot 2.0, you will be bringing creativity to America’s favorite breakfast.


Salt and pepper mill

Trudeau Graviti Electric Salt & Pepper Mills - $ 79.95

If you are looking for a gift that is classy, high tech, and eye-catching, the Trudeau Graviti Electric Salt & Pepper Mill is definitely that. Although it may be a bit pricey, if you want to wow guest while they are seasoning their steak, these electric salt & pepper mill does the trick


Gift for Sportsperson


Rearview Radar

Varia™ Rearview Radar - $199.99

The Varla™ Rearview Radar is a must have for every bike enthusiast. This device alerts you when vehicles are 153 yards away and it comes with a blinker that you can attach to your bicycle.

Smart Scale

Withings Body Cardio - $197.99

Scales can be misleading. There are muscle, water measurement, and bone mass that factor into your weight; rather than just your body fat. Withings Body Cardio is a smart scale that calculates each different components of your body weight, giving you a more precise and accurate calculation. 

Wireless sports earphones

Jay Bird Sports - $99.99

Jay Bird offers high powered Bluetooth headphones with a better fit, bigger sound, and durable design. With 8 hours of battery life, Jay Bird Sports is the perfect gift for any active person who does not want trip over their own earphone wires.


Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 - $148.95

The Fitbit charge 2 is the perfect gift for anyone who is tracking their fitness and health. The charge 2 will be able to better calculate your calorie burns, heart rate zones, and breathing sessions.


Gift for Pet Lovers


smart home security camera

RemoCam - $199

This indoor smart security camera is a pet lover favorite with its on-demand live stream, 2-way talk, and PTZ feature. Talk to your pets through your app or watch what your pet is doing when you are away.


iFetch - $39.95

iFetch is an automatic ball fetcher that will keep your dog busy for hours. It is great for your pet’s mental and physical development and it also doesn’t require any power. A perfect gift for pet owners and for pets.

Clever Pet

Clever Pet - $299

Clever Pet is the first gaming console for your pet. There are dozens of puzzles for your pets to play while developing their cognitive strength. Keep your dog occupied for hours without any trouble. 

Pet Feeder

Petnet SmartFeeder - $119.99

For every pet lover, the Petnet SmartFeeder is a must have. This device lets you feed your pet through a mobile app. If you’re away from your house, forgot to leave a bowl out, or want portion how much your pet eats, this is the perfect gift for you.

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