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Who Are Porch Pirates?


Have you ever purchased something on Amazon or on E-bay before? Did you wait a full week for your purchase to arrive on your doorstep and did  you rushed home to open your package?

The adrenaline rushing through your veins and the excitement boiling up; it’s all so exhilarating when you come home and tear up that well-sealed cardboard box. However, all of that joy can come crashing down when you find out that someone stole your package.



You’ve either experienced it before or had a friend who has, but these thieves who go to random people’s houses and steal their packages are called Porch Pirates. Porch Pirates are a common threat, as 23 million Americans have experienced their delivered packages getting stolen.  Do not think that these are random acts of misdemeanors from random individuals; porch pirates are on the prowl and we have to be prepared for them as we would for burglars.


They have a plan

Just as how some burglars are methodical in the way they choose to target a home, so are some Porch Pirates. They would actually follow delivery trucks and then strike a home the moment the driver is out of sight. In fact, there was a case when a porch pirate in the San Fernando Valley used a smartphone app to track deliveries. Luckily for one homeowner, he had a security system to catch this individual.


When to really keep an eye out

Porch Pirates strikes every day; however, if there is one time in the year that you should really be careful it is during the holidays. In 2015, UPS was expected to deliver roughly 630 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With families thinking about holiday gifts and iPads, you better believe that Porch Pirates are on the Prowl.


How do I stay protected?

There are security measures you can take so that you don’t become a victim of package theft. The most popular protection is installing security systems or motion detecting cameras. If those devices are too expensive, you can also purchase a Wireless Video DoorBell to alert you when your package is delivered or when a suspicious person is near your front door.

Summer is ending, and the holidays are coming up soon. Make sure that you keep your eyes out for any porch pirates when you decide to purchase an item online.


Let us Know

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