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Save/View Videos & Pictures

How to Save

Manual Videos & Pictures

All videos and pictures that are taken manually will be automatically saved to your smartphone. Please make sure your RemoCam app has access to your smartphone’s photos/gallery, you can do this in your smartphone’s settings menu.

Motion Sensor Videos

  • From the Home Screen, choose which camera you want to adjust (Swipe the live feed right or left with your finger and stop on the correct camera)
  • Press the ‘On/Off’ button to the right of ‘Motion Sensor’ to turn on and off the motion sensor.
  • To save videos to the Cloud, turn on ‘Save to Cloud.’
  • To save videos to your microSD card, insert a microSD card into the back of the camera then turn on ‘Save to SD Card.’

How to View

Manual Videos & Pictures

All manually recorded videos and pictures are stored directly to your smartphone. To view your pictures and videos, go to your photos/gallery on your smartphone.

Motion Sensor Videos on the Cloud

  • From the Home Screen, press ‘My Cloud Videos.’ This will display all of your saved videos on your Cloud.
  • If you like having all the storage space you need at a minimal cost, then click here to upgrade your Cloud plan.

Motion Sensor Videos on your microSD Card

  • To watch videos saved to your microSD Card, please remove the card from the back of your RemoCam and insert the card into a compatible device that will allow you to view the videos.
  • Please note that when your microSD Card is removed, you will no longer record videos to your card. To continue recording videos to your card, simply insert it into the back of your RemoCam and check the recording settings from the Home Screen.

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