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My Video is Blurry


Here are some reasons your feed might be blurry:

  • If you’re using a low resolution, the videos may not look as clear as you would like. Please check your Resolution settings to make sure you have the resolution setting you want
  • Check RemoCam’s lens to make sure that it is clean and nothing is obstructing the view
  • If RemoCam has a weak Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes this happens when RemoCam is positioned very far from your router or on a different floor. Try repositioning RemoCam closer to your router
  • If your home has many devices using the same Wi-Fi this could interfere with RemoCam’s Wi-Fi access. Try reducing the amount of devices using the Wi-Fi to see if this helps your video feed’s clarity
  • If your iPhone has 3G/4G with less than 2 bars, your video feed can be blurry. Once your phone has a stronger connection, your video feed should be clear

If this issue persists, please contact Customer Care at

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