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Say Hello to “RemoBell”

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When we first released RemoCam in November 2015, our focus was to create a smart home security camera that was smart, intuitive, caring, and — simple. Installing a Smart Home Security Device is like listening to a joke, if you don’t get it the first few times, then it’s a bad joke.

It’s simple: installing a Smart Home Security Device shouldn’t be complicated.

Therefore, we installed our belief of efficiency and convenience when we designed our first fully battery powered Wireless Video Doorbell: RemoBell.



Every little detail within RemoBell, from its durable exterior design to its high-definition video streaming, was accounted for while developing this product. RemoBell also has the crispest 2-way audio feature in the market with a 120° wide-angle HD Video quality to capture a crystal-clear picture of the front of your house.

It also comes with a protective bracket, in which can be hooked onto any surface, and a set of screws that will ensure that the RemoBell is mounted securely.

When we say that RemoBell can be mounted anywhere– it can literally be mounted ANYWHERE and ANYPLACE. No more worrying about wires, plugs, or electrical outlets to power the RemoBell.

With its fully battery powered feature, RemoBell is literally a “Wireless” Video Doorbell in every sense of the phrase.



While designing RemoBell, we listened to the many complaints customers had with other video doorbells in the market. The most echoed issue was the difficulty of installing the doorbell camera, the lack of wattages in their homes to power their camera, and the fact that living in a doorbell-less home means your gonna have a $200 product collecting dust.

RemoBell is a fully battery powered doorbell, so no need to spend extra expenses on hiring installers or handling dangerous electrical wires. All you need are 6 AA batteries, place them onto the back of the RemoBell, hook it onto a wall, connect it to your WiFi, and your fully functioning security monitoring system is all good to go.

If your battery dies, then don’t wait a whole day to fully charge your doorbell; just change the batteries. Home security should never take a break, even if it is only for a day. One of the best parts of this device is that the batteries will last you around 4 months and our RemoBell App will let you know how much battery life is left.



RemoBell also comes with an advanced heat detecting PIR motion sensor. The camera will only alert you when it detects both motion and body heat from another person. Too many times have we received random or unnecessary motion notification from our security camera apps.  

You won’t ever have to worry about getting a push notification just because there are some high winds or some trees start to shed some leaves.  



While developing RemoBell, we focused on its weatherproof exterior design to function under extreme temperatures as low as 0° and as high as 120°. RemoBell was engineered to withstand the harshest of elements whether it may be hard rain, thick snow, high winds, or physical impact.

Its seamless robust design is sealed tightly to relieve users of any concerns over any interior or exterior damages.



Protecting your home shouldn’t be complicated. Installing a Smart Home device shouldn’t be an intricate process either. You should be able to hook your security camera at your front door, connect it to your phone, and monitor your home without any issues.

Our team at Olive & Dove wanted to provide a security system that is accessible to everyone and a doorbell that is smart, intuitive, and caring for you and your family.


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  • Remo+ on

    Hi Bart! Customers usually install RemoBell at the same height as their normal doorbell. So 48 inches max from the ground.

  • Bart Beeman on

    What height should the RemoBell be installed from the ground?

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