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6 Remote Controlled Devices you NEED in your Home


What if I was to tell you that there was a time when people actually had to walk up to the TV to change the channel. If you are a millennial, you probably just fell off your chair. But, that is why remote controls are the greatest invention since sliced bread. To control a device… through a remote… without the need to get off your seat? Mind boggling!

Remote controls can seem like old news, but when you have a home security camera that can control any remote control device, then eyebrows start to raise up. Like this TV right here. 

Before, remotes only came with TVs; however, we now see air conditioners, gaming systems, lights, and a lot of other home devices that come with remotes. Here is a list of remote controlled devices you must have in your home.



Image of a LGTV with a remote

pc: https://goo.gl/9X2T1X

There are a lot of great TVs out there, but we personally found the LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV to be the winner. Not only does this super crisp 4K TV make it seem like you’re looking through a window, but there is a smart TV option that lets you connect to the internet and use services like Netflix or Youtube. 


Image of out door remote control lights

pc: https://goo.gl/tXpiqi


Follow me on this mind blowing LED Lamp Kit that comes with an IR remote control. These portable light bulbs can be taken anywhere, from the porch in your backyard to a camping ground. They are solar powered, but the cool thing is that these bulbs can turn on at the touch of — water. I know… What?



pc: https://goo.gl/QGV4RX


If you’re like me, your pet is your family and you want to make sure he/she is always fed. Why take out your big bag of pet food and go through the hassle of spilling everywhere each time you try to feed your pet. Just fill up an automatic pet feeder, and use your remote to feed your pet for you. No more spills. No more Hassles.



pc: https://goo.gl/v6ns80


The Holidays are coming and the weather is getting a lot colder.  If you are in a house that does not have a heater installed, or the heater is broken, this is an amazing alternative. It gives the option to choose how warm you want the heater and it has a 7 hour timer, just in case you want to sleep with the heater on.  There is also a remote, so control everything with a press of a button



pc: https://goo.gl/cNT1yk

The purest of music comes from a Vinyl Record Player. You can hear everything from the instruments that’s playing to the acoustics in the room in which the music was recorded. However, we are in the 21st century, and now Vinyl has become digital.  Record the authentic Vinyl sound,  play your MP3 player if you wish, and use all these features through a remote.


pc: https://goo.gl/0a4zkp

If you’re home is like my home, either the AC is broken or it just cost a little too much. The Black+Decter is a portable AC that will keep your home cool before you can say air conditioner. There is also a timer in the AC so you can choose when to turn it on or you can just use your remote to control the device. Save money and keep cool

What you have to try after purchasing these devices is connecting them to your RemoCam  through its home automation feature. Imagine — one camera controlling all these devices. It becomes its own home device control station.




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