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RemoCam iOS app is now available on Apple app store


Guess what?! RemoCam iOS app is also available on the Apple App Store! Our iPhone users can now enjoy their Smart Home security camera.

Both Android and iOS versions of RemoCam essentially share the same functionality and design. We had to make some minor changes to optimize the features for each mobile OS.

So, there you have it. You can read about how we improved the brightness and light balance on this version by reading our last post on RemoCam’s new Android App launch announcement post.

Here are some of the great features of our app and camera:

  1. One Minute Setup: Spend less time setting up  and more time with your family.
  2. Live Feed: Monitor your home on your smartphone.>
  3. Motion Sensor: Receive a push notification and view the recorded videos.
  4. Night Vision: Enjoy excellent night vision with 8 infrared LED sensors.
  5. Cloud Recording: Save your motion sensor videos to the cloud and watch them anytime.
  6. Siren Alarm: Turn on a siren to alert those who are home, or to scare off an intruder.
  7. Smart Home Capability: Connect your home devices like your TV, media player, and lights.
  8. HD Resolution: Watch clear HD video with state of the art technology.
  9. 256-Bit AES: Protect your personal data with the Advanced Encryption Standard.
  10. Pan & Tilt: Remotely control the camera’s viewing angle. (Pan 335 ?/ Tilt 95 ?)
  11. Local Recording: Save your videos on a microSD card instead of the cloud. (microSD card is not included)
  12. 2-Way Communication: Listen and speak on demand. Interact with your family and pets.


Let us Know

Please leave us review on Apple App Store download page. If you need help or have questions, please contact us at

Looking for the Android app? Download from the Google Play Store here!


PS- You can buy a RemoCam from Amazon Launchpad! Read more about Amazon Launchpad here.

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