Olive & Dove's New Brand Identity – Remo+

Olive & Dove's New Brand Identity


We are excited to share with our Olive & Dove (formerly Remocam) customers that our brand identity has evolved after our acquisition.

Here are the few things that have changed.



Remocam, Inc is now Olive & Dove Inc.

This change is meant to reflect our company’s direction. We are no longer only making security cameras, but we will be introducing various Smart Home devices to the customers, such as our video doorbell. Olive branches have been traditionally the symbol of ‘peace.’

Doves have been regarded as the medium that bring this peace. Our hope is to bring the peace and security in every customer’s home with our products and technology.




Our old tagline: Take care of loved ones with more control

New tagline: Smart. Intuitive. Caring.

We wanted a bold, to-the-point, and assuring message for our customers. We promise to offer smart and intuitive products and software that reflect our caring heart for the customers’ needs. Our tagline is the reflection of our customers.

Our customers are smart and intuitive people who care about their family, friends, parents, children, dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, fish,…and more!





First off, RemoCam will be no longer be written as ‘Remocam.’ The ‘C’ in the middle will now be capitalized: RemoCam. This is so that when we create future products in ‘Remo’ series, other products can follow the same pattern. For example, our next product, a wireless video doorbell, will be called RemoBell. (Remo + Doorbell = RemoBell!)

Second, RemoCam’s logo has changed in order to reflect our new brand identity. As our new tagline is ‘Smart. Intuitive. Caring.,’ we wanted a simple, to-the-point, and bold logo image to go with it. The ‘O’ in RemoCam is the same ‘O’ from Olive & Dove company logo. This ‘O’ is the connecting medium between the product logo and the company logo.

With this evolved and refreshed brand image, Olive & Dove will continuously strive to provide the best Smart Home products and services.

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