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Are Your Kids Staying Safe This Halloween?


It is that beautiful time of the year where you start to see more Spirit Store Billboards, the best movies only seem to be horror movies, and Starbucks finally brings out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It’s — Halloween.

If you have kids, you are probably going to go trick or treating. But, did you know that Halloween is one of the three holidays where crime spikes the most?  It wouldn’t hurt to make some safety precautions so that you and your family stay safe during this day of spooks and scares.


Protect your Home

If your family are trick or treating this year, you probably want to make sure that your home is secure and safe. There will be a lot of people walking around in the street, but that also means that burglars will suspect homes to be vacant. Make sure to leave all your lights on, or, in the best case scenario, have someone stay back at the house.

If everyone in your home plans to go out, make sure you have some home security system to monitor your house. It’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes during this time of year.


Going Trick or Treating

There are couple things you want to make sure you do when you go trick or treating. Plan out which houses you are going to go to, bring a flashlight and comfortable shoes, and try to leave before the sun sets. Stay safe by trick or treating with your kids when there is still some light out. If you go out during the night, then no one would be able to see the amazing Halloween costumes that you and your family are wearing.

If your kids plan to go trick or treating with their friends, make sure that they do not go to homes that are not decorated or is too dark. You want to make sure that they know the rules and practice safety measures.



Trick or Treating can be a time of accomplishment for many kids. To be able to walk around the block and receive candies from their neighbors is rewarding. However, when you hear in the news that some parents found blades or tampered candy in their kids Halloween goodie bags, it can give you a heart attack. You want your kids to experience the festivities that comes from Halloween; however, you also want to make sure that you take precautionary measures to protect your children.

It is important that you do not let your kids either touch the candy or eat the candy before they get home. Always check the candy before you let your kids start eating their candies. Also, make sure that your kids only get packaged candies that haven’t been open. Candies that have been opened or were not packaged from a factory may have tampered.


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