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FAQ RemoBell Cloud Subscription Plan


When we drew up the RemoBell Cloud Plan we wanted something different. A plan that was cheap, convenient, and simple to use. A plan that will give you the most bang for your buck, but also not overly complicated. Since the RemoBell Cloud Plan will start March 1st, we stuck with one fee for one plan model: Unlimited videos per day for $3/ 30-day.


Here are some frequently asked questions:


Can I browse my Cloud videos on the RemoBell website?

No, the videos stored on your Cloud can only be played on the RemoBell app on your smartphone.


How many videos will the cloud store?

You can store unlimited videos per day for 30-day storage


How long does the cloud record for?

Each video will be one minute long, whether it is a ring or motion video.


Is a Cloud plan for all my cameras or is it per camera?

Each plan is per camera. You will need to purchase Cloud plan for each of your cameras.


What videos are stored in the Cloud?

All videos will be stored in the Cloud if you have your settings set up to record to the Cloud. That means answered motion videos, missed motion videos, answered rings, and missed rings.


How do I pay for my Cloud plan?

You can purchase your cloud subscription on our website. Just go to remocam.com from a web browser→ login to your RemoBell account→ click “Your Account” at the top right → Select “My RemoBell” → select your plan then proceed to checkout.


What happens when my 30-day free trial ends?

You will not be able to see your cloud videos on your RemoBell Recent Activity. You will only be able to see a call log of your motion and rings.


How do I save videos?

Videos from rings will automatically be recorded when you have a Cloud plan. To save motion videos you’ll need to turn on the Motion Sensor and turn on Cloud Recordings.


Is there a fee for canceling?

Nope! We do not charge any cancellation fees.


Can I get a refund?

We do not offer full or prorated refunds for canceled Cloud plans.

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