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RemoCam Wins New Product Showcase Award at ISC West 2016


RemoCam won an SIA 2016 New Product Showcase Award under the category of the Best in Residential and Monitoring Solutions at the ISC West 2016.

ISC WEST is THE largest security industry trade show in the U.S. ( West also ran the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) New Product Showcase (NPS) Award show.

SIA New Product Showcase is the security industry’s premier awards-based program. The NPS was established in 1979 to recognize innovative products, services, and solutions in electronic physical security. Each year at ISC West, the NPS program recognizes winners in several product and service categories and presents the prestigious Judges Choice and Best New Product awards. (

RemoCam was recognized as the Best in Residential and Monitoring Solutions because of its unique ability to control different electronic devices that come with a remote control. At the presentation, Remocam’s team demonstrated how RemoCam could turn on and off a TV, change the volume, and turn on and off lights, and operate a pet feeder.

The idea is simple. Once a customer programs remote commands on the RemoCam app, they can open the app and press these remote commands even when they are not home. Then RemoCam will move its head and face the device and blast an IR command towards an electronic device. So RemoCam can act as a moving, automatic remote control for these devices.

RemoCam Home Automation

The team also briefly shared the way in which a consumer could program different remote commands on the RemoCam app. Here are some snippets of the presentation:

To program a remote function of your electronic devices such as TV, pet feeder, or a light bulb, simply go to ‘Remote’ under settings on the RemoCam app and add a device.

How to program remote commands with RemoCam

Use arrows to have RemoCam face the device you want to control. In this way, RemoCam will remember the location of the device.

How to program remote commands with Remocam

Name the remote command you want to program in, then press the remote button towards RemoCam. It’s important to face your remote towards RemoCam, not the device because RemoCam will receive and remember the remote command this way.


Wa-lah! It is finished! Next time you are not home, simply go to RemoCam app and press different remote commands in order to control your electronic devices.


RemoCam’s ability to control Infrared controlled device can significantly increase the convenience of the consumers without causing them to pay a lot of money in order to automate home devices. This is because infrared controlled devices are relatively much cheaper than smart home devices that use platforms such as Z-wave or ZigBee.

RemoCam is available on Amazon.comRakuten, and NewEgg as well as its own website.

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