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6 Landlord Horror Stories

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If you are a renter at an apartment or a home, there are probably a million prayers that ran through your head: “please let me have normal neighbors? Please… no rats in the building? Please, let there be no leaks?” However, the one prayer that is at the top of your list is that the landlord is fair and not a creep.

Unfortunately, there will always be those who are dealt with the worst hand in an untimely manner. You never know what your landlord could be up to, especially when you are not home. Here are 7 horror stories of tenants with the worst landlord that we found in the Internet.


1. Merry Christmas?


“My landlord asked if I was going home for Christmas and I said I was. Christmas sucked so I came back early and found my landlord and three of his buddies smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and playing poker in my living room.”


2. Knock Knock Knock


“At my first apartment, if I didn’t answer the door, my landlord would knock on my bedroom window. If I still didn’t answer, he’d open the window (they were really crappy old windows) and shout into it.”


3. Boundaries boundaries and… Boundaries


“I had a landlord years ago that was sneaking into my apartment and hanging out while I was at work. I found beer cans in our garbage, our TV was on different channels, and my dresser drawers (mainly my underwear drawer) were open and had been gone through. Creepy. Whenever he came around to “fix” things, he would wear 12″ hunting knife on his belt.”


4. Get yourself a smarthome security camera… Seriously!!!

“The reason she was moving is because she caught the building manager sneaking into her apartment at night and watching her sleep. She had a feeling someone had been in her apartment, perhaps while she was there, so she set up a camera. Sure enough, she caught him on camera using his key to let himself in about 3am and then standing by her bed for about an hour watching her sleep.


5. Personal Space?


“It wasn’t uncommon to wake up and find [our landlord] in your room (all of the units were just one room) “inspecting” something. We’d find him asleep on the couch in the front hall and stuff and the people who lived in his buildings said he’d sometimes take baths in other people’s bathrooms.”


6. Unreliable roommates


“I had no door to my room, and [my roommates/landlord] would have parties, and [they] wouldn’t bother to stop anyone going in there. Finally, I come home one weekend and some of my things are missing. Someone went into my room during one of their parties and stole my things.”



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