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What is a Smart Home?

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Smart Home has become a growing topic of innovation in the tech world. The concept that you can connect home devices with one another is flat out exciting. Think about it– what if you could unlock the front door through your phone when you forget your keys or automatically turn on all of your security systems when you lock your doors? Smart Home will provide families with such control and comfort that it will revolutionize how we live in our homes in the future.


Why SmartHome?



Well — just as how we prefer sliced bread over a loaf of bread, Smart Home provides that “convenience”. We’ve come to a world where people are connected with people through the internet, whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You don’t even have to ask around town to see how your high school sweetheart is doing– just go on Facebook.


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In the same convenient fashion, the internet has allowed “things” to connect with other “things”. Smart Home devices will let you connect to your home appliances so that you can control it with a press of a button. There are Smart Home light bulbs that let you turn off the kitchen light from your bedroom or Wireless Video DoorBell that lets you see who is at the door from your phone? If they thought TV remotes made life too comfortable, Smart Home is going to give them a run for their money



Smart Home not only provides comfort and convenience but also security. You don’t have to install expensive security systems anymore. Connect all of your Home security cameras to your phone and other Smart Home devices.


Turn off the lights with your security camera or activate your motion sensor when you lock your Smart Home door lock. A lot of Smart Home security cameras come with motion sensors, two-way communications, and sirens, so you will have the necessary tools to keep your loved ones safe.

Smart Homes are now turning into Smart Cities, and sooner or later, we will be having a Smart Earth. The tech trend is going into the IoT direction, and we can look forward to other great things the future will offer.



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