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3 Reasons Why College Dorms Get Burglarized


Move-in day is an exciting time for all college students. It is the next chapter that they will embark on their lives. They will meet their lifelong friends, expand their knowledge, and grow as an individual.

Yet, before all that the most exciting time for any college students is when they finally grasp their independence through their dorm life. However, living in the dorms can be dangerous as 11,000 dormitory robberies occur every year.

I know– how can dorms get burglarized. Well, independence, meeting new people, and that “college experience” can be so euphoric that it keeps student’s guards down.  Here are 3 security mishaps every college student should keep in mind.


1. Not locking your doors

If you are a parent, you will be shocked by how many students leave their dorm rooms unlocked when they go out. If you are a student, you probably understand why you leave the dorm room unlocked– it’s a hassle and the dorm security is already great.

However, getting inside a residence hall is ridiculously easy; you just wait for a resident to open the doors. There are also neighboring students who may go around stealing other people’s belongings.

Burglary in the dorm is no news, as it happens frequently; however, how easy students make it  for burglars to steal their stuff can make you scratch your head. Always lock your doors and remind your roommates as well.


2. Opening doors for stranger

Many resident halls have a great security system that prevents outsiders from coming in. Yet, burglars always find a way to get inside the building. Actually, all you need to do is wait for a resident to come by and say “oh… I forgot my keys”, then they’re in.

Not even that, some students just let strangers into their residence hall without even asking. Echo the importance of not letting strangers in your residence hall.


3. Leaving valuables around

When you have hundreds of students living in the same residence hall, you can best believe that these students will visit each other’s dorms frequently. However, the issue occurs when a roommate invites his friend to his dorm, and then the friend steals a valuable in that room.

With so many students visiting each other’s dorm, an expensive laptop can just disappear if it is not attended for. Buy a Masterlock to store your valuables in a drawer or buy a home security camera to see who tries to steal your stuff.



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