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What To Do After a Break-In


Words cannot explain how frightening it is when you and your family experience a break-in. Sometimes, it is not that someone stole something from your home that is frightening–it’s what could’ve happened if you were still at the house. Your sense of security and peace of mind can get hindered. A Home Break-in is something we all hope to never experience; however, it is still something we need to be prepared for. So, here is what you should do if you ever experience a break-in.


The first and immediate thought that will probably go through your head would be to call the police. You want to report the crime as soon as possible so that the officials can immediately start investigating. Write a list and report any belongings that were taken; if your security camera’s motion detector caught any footages, remember to hand it to the officials; and remember, do not touch anything until the officers arrive. You do not want to damage any evidence.


You will also want to contact the insurance company within a day to file an insurance claim. Remember that your insurance company will need a police report, pictures, and evidence to process your claim. It’s important that you call the police first before you contact your insurance company.


After you have filed your reports and made your claims, it’s time for you to pick everything up again. Clean the broken glass, fix the broken door, and try to put your house the way it was before the incident. This will be the first step to moving past this experience. Stay close with your family, talk to others about how you feel, and seek moral support. The best way to get past a traumatic experience is through support from others.


In order to get your sense of security back, you need to install some type of security system. Whether you decide to get a guard dog or install a Home Security Camera, make sure that you secure your home. Also, just because a burglar struck your home once, do not think they won’t strike again. Burglars may return to the crime scene, so it is important that you make sure that your house is protected.


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