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3 Ways To Gain More Control of Your Rental Home

In less than the time that it takes for you to brush your teeth, someone has just moved into a rental property.

If you’ve looked for housing in the past ten years, you most likely either rented from a landlord at some time or know someone who rented (or is renting). Whether it’s an apartment or a room being let out, the non-house market has become more and more popular for both singles and families. If the apartment is good and the location is ideal, a rental tenant might live there for up to six years.

Apartment life has its bumps, with visitors (both welcomed and unwelcomed) coming in and tenant regulations limiting certain activities. Here are some ways that you can take more control of your rental experience.

Know Your Delivery Procedure

More people shop online and all apartments are different when it comes to package delivery. Depending on the neighborhood, you don’t want the gift that you ordered for your nephew to be left outside of the building. Ask your landlord about how the delivery service works. What hours does the mailman come by? And do they have keys to the front gate or do they drop packages off at a facility where you can pick them up during certain hours? Make sure you understand the unique delivery procedure so you don’t lose that special package.

Change Up the Lights

There’s a good chance that your lights have been in your building since the dawn of time. Okay, maybe just since the last maintenance check. But light makes a huge difference, especially to deter would-be burglars. A dimly lit apartment comes off as an empty apartment. A landlord might protest if you replace the fixture lights, but you can install timers on plug-in lights so that they turn on when you’re out of the house. Not to mention, extra lighting brightens the ambiance of the room. Of course, the ideal situation would be if some good ole’ sunlight could stream into the room for a natural serotonin and endorphin uptake. If that’s not possible, electrical lighting works in a pinch and is more in your ability to add.

Invest In A Security Camera

Some rental properties might have a camera or a night shift doorman at the main entrance. For extra peace of mind, install a personal security camera right at your apartment’s front door. Remo+ DoorCam is the world’s first smart camera that hangs right over the door, no wires or drilling of holes needed. DoorCam is made for all homes and can be installed without violating most tenant rules. Click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/2Ab9dkx

Do you know any more rental life hacks? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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