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4 Ways Your College Students Can Protect Their Valuables

By now, your child has settled into college and gotten used to the new class schedule. But we all know that college is more than just classes. It is also the first time that your child—no, wait, college student—will be living on his or her own.

College can be crazy: the running to classes, the late-nights out (whether in the library or with friends), the constant activity. It’s easy for things to be lost or even stolen. But even with all the activity, there are some simple ways for your college student to be a step ahead of the learning curve and protect their belongings.


Laptop Protection

Laptops are basic necessities in college. In the last year, about 40% of college textbooks were offered in digital format. Unfortunately, laptops also happen to be one of the most stolen items on campus. Students can use a laptop lock to prevent their laptop from being swiped off the table. Laptop locks externally attach to the laptop’s port and can be secured around a desk leg. If the user needs to step out for any reason, he or she can know that the laptop isn’t going anywhere.


Smarter Searching

The art of losing isn’t hard to master” according to Elizabeth Bishop. This couldn’t be truer when students are running to an 8 AM class but can’t find their keys, or their wallet, or their bookbag… you get the idea. Attaching a Tile to that object cuts down on rummaging time by making it trackable from a smartphone. If the smartphone is lost, your child can press on the Tile twice so that the phone will ring and can be found. An added bonus: the Tile app connects users with the larger Tile community. So if an item is lost or stolen, the neighborhood can help track it down.


Mail Delivery

Technology isn’t at the point where we can teleport packages. So if your child needs an Organic Chemistry textbook, good ole’ snail mail will be the way it arrives. Most college dorms have a mail center that will hold all packages until they can be picked up. Another great resource is an Amazon locker. Amazon lockers make it easy to order and pick up a package if your child needs something delivered overnight. They’re also great if/when your child starts living off campus. All apartments have different mail delivery systems. Sometimes a package can’t be delivered if someone’s not there to ring in the delivery man or it might go “missing” before your child comes back from class. So having that O-Chem textbook delivered to a secure delivery locker is a safe alternative.


Dorm Security

The college dorm is Home Bedroom 2.0. Your child will sleep there, (hopefully) study there, and ultimately live there. A college dorm can also potentially have up to $5000 worth of electronics, valuables, and personal comforts, making it a full-fledged burglar beacon. So just as you protect your home, make sure that your child protects his or her home away from home. The downside of living in a dorm is that you can’t do any permanent security fixes, like adding an additional deadbolt. Luckily, there are smart security options for college students. DoorCam installs right over the door, no screws or wires. So when your child is away from the dorm, DoorCam can keep a digital eye out for any would-be burglars. And when its move out day, DoorCam can be packed up with your student. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2zmK3gb

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