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Technical DoorCam!


Never fear, our experts are here! These are some quick tips they came up with that might help improve your DoorCam product.

  • App Issues: Try fully closing the app and then re-opening the app. (Login may or may not be necessary depending on the situation.) Generally, this should resolve the issue.
  • Internet Problems: Check to make sure your router is fully compatible with DoorCam. Our product only works with 2.4ghZ routers, not 5ghZ routers. Also, be sure that your internet upload speed is at least 0.5mbps. You can test this by going to and clicking ‘Begin Test” to see your internet upload and download speeds.


  • Video Quality: Try resetting and re-adding a device if you're experiencing issues with receiving live view videos.
    • Open the app, click the Menu at the top left, then click Devices. top_button_menu_sel
    • Click the trash can icon, then select your DoorCam device. bottom_button_delete_sel
    • Confirm that you’d like to delete the device.
    • From the same Devices menu, click the Add icon. bottom_button_device_add_nor
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to add your DoorCam back to your device.
    • When you get to the step where you need to press the reset button on DoorCam, first press the alert button on the back of your DoorCam. Then press the reset button until the LED light flashes up and down.
    • Proceed to add your device as the app guides you through each step.
    • Once it’s setup, test the device to see if the issue is resolved.

If you need more assistance, give us a call at 888-985-1849 or email us at We’d be happy to help you!

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