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How do I set up my DoorCam?


For DoorCam's technical set up, there are some pretty common pitfalls that can happen. Here are our top tips:

  • When you’re connecting the device, make sure to finish all the setup steps within a few minutes. Otherwise, the LED light on DoorCam will stop flashing up and down, meaning that you may need to start the setup process all over again.
  • Double, triple, and quadruple check your Wi-Fi password. It's super easy to accidentally omit non-alphanumerical characters (*&#@), spaces, or capital letters. (We've all been there!)
  • Be mindful of the distance between the DoorCam device and the phone you're connecting it to. We generally recommend keeping them initially close to each other, no more than 20 feet apart.
  • Check the distance between your DoorCam and your internet router during setup. Keep within 50 feet for optimal connection.


For step by step set up instructions, watch our tutorial video.

For more assistance, please contact us at 888-985-1849 or

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