remo+ RemoBell S Power Kit

remo+ RemoBell S Power Kit

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The remo+ Power Kit helps connect your existing doorbell chime with RemoBell S.

Installation Instructions:
  • Insert one end of the Wire Harness into the Power Kit.

  • Remove the cover of your mechanical chime.

  • Take a picture of the existing wiring for reference during installation

  • Loosen the screws and remove the wires. Then straighten the exposed end of the wires.

  • Connect the Wire Harness to the "TRANS" and "FRONT" chime terminals.

  • Insert an exposed end of the Wire Harness and one chime wire into the Wire Nut, and twist it tightly. Repeat with remaining wires.

  • Place your Power Kit so that it doesn't interfere with moving parts or muffle the chime. You can use the adhesive backing to hold it in place. Put the chime cover back on.

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