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Cloud Plan on October 3rd!


We are pleased to announce that on October 3rd, RemoCam’s Cloud subscription will be available for purchase. Take advantage of this plan, and capture evidence of unusual activities in your homes or precious family moments that you may have missed.



Save your Recordings

With the Cloud Plan, you can now store and save your recordings. When you turn on your motion detector, your RemoCam captures footage of any activity that it detects. The Cloud will store those memories so that you can access them on our RemoCam app at your convenience.


View on your Phone

You can watch your captured videos on your app or save them onto your phone. Have you ever wanted to watch how your dog chewed up the sofa? Now, record and watch your footage straight from the cloud.



RemoCam’s mission has always been to create a more intelligent home for our users and making sure our loved ones are safe. Up until October 3rd, RemoCam has been offering their Cloud service for free, but for only 3 GB of memory. Now you have can upgrade your plan and save more footage for a longer period of time on your cloud. Since Cloud recording is essential for home monitoring, we made sure that our subscription plan is the most accessible and affordable plan in the market.


There are three different plans that you can sign up for — Jog, Sprint, and Marathon. Each plan will give you a different amount of memory storage size and memory storage time frame. You can also sign up for a monthly subscription plan or an annual subscription plan all depending on what fits you  best. If you ever feel like canceling your current plan or changing it, you have the option to do that at any time.

In order to show you the benefits of the Cloud plan, users who buy a new RemoCam will get a 30-day free trial. If the Cloud plan is not for you, you also have the option to store your memory on a 32gb SD card.

Until October 3rd, RemoCam’s Cloud storage will be at no cost. Afterward, users will be able to choose the Jog plan, Sprint plan, Marathon plan, or store their videos on a 32gb SD card. Whatever option you decide to choose– Happy Monitoring!


Let us Know

If you have any question about the cloud plan, remember to comment below. You can also check out the Cloud Subscription FAQ page to see if someone else had the same question you did. You can also check out the Terms and Conditions of the Cloud Plan. Also, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn and give us a shoutout

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