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What should I do if my RemoBell is not starting up?


For RemoBell's technical set up, there are some common difficulties that come up. Here are our top tips:

  • When you’re connecting the device, make sure to finish all the setup steps within a few minutes. Otherwise, the LED light on your RemoBell will stop flashing up and down, meaning that you may need to start the setup process over again.

  • Double, triple, and quadruple check your Wi-Fi password. It's super easy to accidentally omit non-alphanumerical characters (*&#@), spaces or capital letters. (We've all been there!)

  • Be mindful of the distance between the RemoBell device and the phone you're connecting it with. We generally recommend keeping them initially near each other, no than 20 feet apart.

  • Check the distance between your RemoBell and your internet router during setup. Keep within 50 feet for optimal connection.

For more assistance, please contact us at 888-985-1849 or support@remoplus.co.

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