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What do I do if my batteries are running low?


Every RemoBell comes with 6 AA rechargeable batteries at no extra cost!

If your batteries are running low, you can replace them with regular AA batteries, or you can charge the batteries and place them back into the device once they’re fully charged. You can purchase chargers from Amazon by clicking here or from our website by clicking here.

Sometimes, the rechargeable batteries are not 100% charged even though they are new batteries. In this case, you may notice the device does not display the battery as fully charged. The batteries may not last 4 months for these cases but will need to be charged sooner. Once the batteries are fully charged, they will last 4 months depending on the foot traffic at your door.

If you need any more assistance, we’re here to help! You can reach us at support@remoplus.co or by calling 888-985-1849.

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