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How do I reset RemoBell S?


To reset your RemoBell S, first, remove your RemoBell S faceplate and then press and hold the Reset button located on the body of the device for five seconds. The LED light will flash blue, signaling that your device has now been reset.

Afterward, open up the Remo+ app, click on Menu icon on the top left corner and select Devices. Press the trash icon in the bottom right corner, select the device you wish to reset, and press "Yes" to delete your RemoBell S.

You will now need to re-register your device on the Remo+ app. Press the plus icon on the bottom left corner to add your device, select "RemoBell S," and choose your time zone. Enter the password for the displayed Wi-Fi network and proceed to the QR code scan page.

When your RemoBell S's LED Indicator flashes blue, scan the QR code on the RemoBell S or the cover of the Quick Start Guide when the LED Indicator flashes blue. Switch to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, leaving Remo app open. Please DO NOT CLOSE THE APP.

Connect to the RemoBell S network. You may get a popup message that says "internet not available" or "unsecured network." You can ignore this message. Once you’re connected to the RemoBell S network, switch back to the Remo app and press continue. Your app will then complete the registration. This may take up to 3 minutes.

Once you see the "Successful!" message, your RemoBell S is ready for use!

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