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How can I improve the my videos' quality?


There are many different factors that might be causing your videos to come out blurry. Here are the most common reasons:

  • The protective sticker might still be on the DoorCam lens. It's transparent but can definitely affect the recording capabilities. Check the lens and remove the sticker if it is still there.
  • The quality level might be set at a lower setting. The perk of a lower setting is that your DoorCam's battery will last longer and uses less bandwidth. The downside is that your recordings may not be as sharp. You can easily go into your video quality settings on your Remo+ app and adjust it to the level that best suits what you want and need.
  • The lens might be dirty. As with any camera, dirt and smudges affect the DoorCam's view. Sometimes even rain and fog will cause condensation that blurs the video feed. But don't worry! A simple wipe should do the trick to clean off the grim.
  • The Wi-Fi signal might be weak. This often occurs when the router is positioned far from your DoorCam, maybe in another room or on another floor, causing the building material to interfere with the signal. Be aware of your router location when you set up your DoorCam and consider moving it to be close to the same room that the DoorCam is positioned.
  • Multiple devices might be connected to the same Wi-Fi. This might cause interference with the DoorCam's Wi-Fi access. Consider reducing the number of devices using the Wi-Fi to see if this helps your video feed’s clarity.
  • Your cell phone reception might be low. If your iPhone has 3G/4G with less than 2 bars, your video feed can be blurry. Once your phone has a stronger connection, your video feed should be clear.

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