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Where are my Cloud videos?


If you have a Cloud plan, videos created from rings will be automatically saved there for you to access whenever you want. You can have an up to 30-day free trial to see if you like the Cloud option. Afterward, your free trial has expired, you’ll need to purchase a Cloud plan to save videos to your Cloud.

In order to save your motion videos to your Cloud, you will need to make sure that your settings on the Remo+ app are compatible. Simply go to the Menu at the top left corner and select Devices. Once you have selected the correct device, turn on the motion sensor, and finally turn on Save to Cloud.

When you have downloaded the Remo+ app, you will be asked for permission to access your media files or camera roll. Your Remo+ device needs this access in order to display the Cloud videos on the app. If you have an Android, please make sure you gave the Remo+ app access to your media files. If you have not already, you will need to give! Simply go to your phone’s settings, find application manager, click on your Remo+ device, go to permissions, and then select storage. Please give your Remo+ device access to all settings.

Sometimes the videos will take a few minutes displayed on the Recent Activity Log. This can depend on the strength of the Wi-Fi used by your Remo+ device and your phone. If your videos aren't appearing after you've already set up your Cloud plan, send us an email at support@remoplus.co. We want to help make your videos ready for viewing ASAP!

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