What should I do if error codes are showing up on my Remo+ app?


Experiencing error codes? Hopefully, this will help!

  • w:6 — This happens when the app needs your login information verified, maybe because the password was changed or another viewer accidentally deleted you as a viewer. DO NOT DELETE THE APP! Please completely close the Remo+ app, restart, and log in again.
  • w:12 — This happens when the Remo+ you’re trying to register is already registered either to your account or another account. To solve the issue, please delete the device from your account by going to Menu, clicking on Device, pressing the trashcan, and deleting the device.

There are some other codes that seem notorious for popping up. They generally are:

  • w:5 or w:0005
  • w:7
  • w:18
  • w:31

If you're experiencing any of these codes, or if the previous solutions did not work, please reach out to us so that our experts can get on the job, either at 888-985-1849 or support@remoplus.co.

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